About me

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I'm Hannah! I am a web designer based in San Francisco, I'm a cancer with a scorpio moon (aka I'm passionate, creative,  and an empath with alll the feels).  I have an orange cat named Pumpkin who doubles as my assistant, he's sitting next to me on "his" chair as I write this (and likely also as you read this!). I am driven by my desire to create a life of time and financial freedom so yes, I can travel the world, but also so I can read my book at 2pm on a Tuesday, take a walk to the beach for lunch, and just live every moment how I choose.

It's probably not that different from yours.. I have always been highly creative and drawn to roles of leadership that involved helping others grow. 

For a long time I suppressed that and believed that I couldn’t make money or live a “successful” life through a creative career, much less doing my own thing.

When I graduated college and started my first “real adult” job, working at a law firm in the city of my dreams I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t happy. I quit my job mid-pandemic with no real plan and that’s when I found web design, or re-found it I should say. 
I realized I could create a life of time, financial, and creative freedom all while doing things myself, my way. And now I help other entrepreneurs and creatives to do the same. 

I work with personality-driven coaches and creatives to create websites that align with them on a soul-level so that they can book clients that do too!

My Story

Let's create your dream website

..and then i       found web design.

I have been designing websites on and off since I was 14 (so, going on about 11 years now). I ran a semi-popular Tumblr blog.

As I was gaining followers and interest, I wanted my blog to look more put together, more unique, and more me. I started playing around with coding the layouts for my homepage. I discovered not just a knack for it but a love. I began designing Tumblr theme templates for the exceptionally low price of a like and reblog. Never did I imagine that I could not just make that my job much less my own business.

When I came back to web design a few years ago, it felt like coming home and I've been doing it ever since and don't plan on stoppin'.


"When I first saw my website I literally cried tears of absolute joy because the website reflected my heart. "

"My website makes me look so professional, and has given me the confidence to market myself. It also inspires my clients confidence in me. Somehow Hannah was able to listen, intuit and design something that I was excited and proud to put out into the world."

"Somehow, you took what was in my mind and brought it to life. "

"You helped ferret out what I wanted. You helped me put words to what was in my head. I teared up. That is the absolute truth.I have a website that reflects what I do and I am proud to share it."

You want the done for you, all-inclusive luxury web design experience 

you are Ready to Launch!


This is my fast-paced, intensive 1:1 website design package. Perfect if you know what you want, you need a new site up and running a$ap so you can stop losing out on sales, course sign ups, and lead gen.. So, what are you waiting for?


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The luxury website design package... We’re talkin’ swim-up bar, poolside drinks at the snap of your finger, champagne in the bathtub because why not.. What is luxury anyway if not being able to sit back knowing you’re completely taken care of?

This is perfect for established businesses who need a website that is going to reflect your growth, genius, and propel you business forward, in a moonturn.

a peak at my past website creations

The Portfolio

From life coaches and business consultants to creative photographers and holistic health and beauty gurus. Take a dive into my past work and website builds to get an idea of my style, what I deliver, and the transformation I bring my clients with a website that stands-out authentically and strategically.

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