What is Showit and is it right for you?

November 24, 2021

Showit is a website hosting and development platform unlike any other. Compared to similiar website platform, think Squarespace, Shopify, WordPress, Wix, etc. – Showit is something totally different; Showit gives you true creative control.

What makes Showit different? It’s the editing platform. It is simple, straight-forward, but most importantly the drag-and-drop editor really puts creative control in your hands, making websites completely customizable.

Showit was originally made for wedding photographers but has since expanded to entrepreneurs, small businesses, creators, influencers, bloggers, and more!

BOTTOM LINE: If you are looking to create a website where you are in creative control, with easy to use design software, the ability to create unlimited pages, SEO optimized, has great photo and graphic capabilities, access to a WordPress blog then Showit is a perfect choice.

But let’s dive in to it a little more.

For a little background on my personal experience with Showit:

When I started with web design I was building sites on Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify and I was SO disappointed and frustrated with the lack of customizability these platforms allowed.

The only options for customizations were small edits to the small selections of themes they had available – this felt impersonal, rigid, and honestly, boring. I wanted more for myself and my clients. 

I started HG Creative because I wanted to offer creative, intuitive, modern designs that could, truly, be made to fit any and everyone’s vision. Showit allows for customization down to literally the last pixel.

Making it possible to explore your creativity without limits on what you can do with your website!

I think Showit is a great option if you are a small business, entrepreneur, a restaurant or shop with a physical storefront, looking to open a online shop (with semi-limited inventory, or digital products), or just looking for a website with limitless customizability features.

If you have a vision for your business let’s bring it to life, I offer custom design and branding packages and would love to help you start your dream business with Showit!

Or if you are looking for something a little more DIY, check out the Template shop! I create modern, stylish and totally customizable Showit website templates.

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