Make a Pinterest Board for Website and Brand Design Inspiration

One of the integral parts of my website design process is for clients to create a Pinterest Board for design inspiration. This is such a key piece in getting on the same page when it comes to vision for your brand, your website, and understanding the feel and “vibe” you want to exude.

Pinterest a hub on inspiration and you’ve likely used it before for outfit ideas, home inspo, hair styles and cuts.. but for web design and branding? Maybe not.. with over 240 billion pins, it can be a beast to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for without some kind of guide or map. And well, that’s exactly what this post is: Your Map to Navigating and Finding the Treasures that are within Pinterest!

Let’s start with some good search terms and keywords to search for on Pinterest so you can find pins that match your vibe, your brand, your energy, and your design style.

Let’s start with some website related search terms to find visual representation and inspiration for your website.

Now, it is important to note that when doing this to pay attention to general design elements or vibes, NOT exact designs. When I go through Pinterest Boards with my clients I ask them what it is about these designs they love, feel called to, feel aligned with and how we can bring that into their website design.

  • Website Inspiration
  • _________* Website Inspiration
    • *Insert your Niche (ex: photographer, coach, life coach, social media manager, virtual assistant, etc.), OR a vibe you know fits your brand or that you want your audience to feel when interacting with your website ie. Bold, Feminine, Minimalist, Edgy, Peaceful, Sexy, Boho, Modern, etc.
  • *Your Niche* Website
  • *Your Niche* Website Design
  • Website Ideas for ____________

As you are saving/pinning these designs into your inspiration board think about what it is you like about each design: Is it modern? Bold? Lots of white space? Large “Hero” landing page style? The menu/navigation style? Use of color? The link designs or buttons, fonts, boxes, design elements, layout, etc..

If you want to pin some font inspirations or idea pins, try these and see what you like or feel fits your band:
  • Bold Fonts
  • Editorial Fonts
    • These are going to be more serif style fonts with a professional, elegant feel
  • Feminine Fonts
  • Edgy Fonts
  • Modern Fonts
  • Serif Fonts
    • Serif is recognized by the little “feet” that come off the letters)
  • Sans Serif Fonts
    • Sans is without and are often more rounded)
  • Display Fonts

Now, let’s talk branding inspiration!

This is often the more abstract, imagery driven side of the Pinterest board making.. this is where you want to find images, colors, brand ideas, even fonts or logos as well as general aesthetics that you feel capture the look and feel of your brand. This can be a little tricky but keep an open mind and you don’t always have to have an explanation for pinning something other than “I liked the way it felt” or “It just feels right.”

Now this is going to be a lot more specific to you and your brand, I can give you some ideas of places to start but try to search for looks you want to emulate or capture, certain feels or vibes, and even places that inspired your brand.

  • Aesthetic
  • Vintage Aesthetic
  • Luxury Life
  • Aesthetic Wallpaper
  • Photo Inspo
  • Neutral Designs

If going for a more minimalist, classically, professional, business forward vibe try:

  • Modern Aesthetic
  • Neutral Aesthetic
  • Modern Designs
  • Modern Vibes
  • Editorial Branding
  • Editorial Portriats
  • Editorial Design

Wanting a more luxury, bold, elevated, sexy website & brand design?

  • Luxury Aesthetic
  • Luxury Lifestyle
  • Luxury Brand/Branding
  • Editorial Brand
  • Editorial Photos
  • Moody Modern Vibes
  • Elegant Design
  • Moody Photo Inspo
  • Elegant Photo Inspo

Earthy, boho chic vibes?

  • Boho Aesthetic
  • Boho Vibes
  • Boho Chic
  • Boho Design
  • Earthy Aesthetic
  • Earthy Vibes
  • Earthy Branding
  • Boho Earthy Aesthetic

If going for a summery, laid-back lux look try:

  • Pool aesthetic
  • Summer Vibes
  • Capri
  • Coastal Chic
  • Summer Inspo

Of course pick and choose from any of these lists, and also lean in to what comes to you intuitively or instinctually. If you have specific imagery you know you like or want incorporated into your branding search for those specifics; “Champagne” or “New York City Vibes”, etc. !

Another place to start or grab some inspo (without having to worry about copyright is my existing saved Pinterest Boards with my own work! Browse my pins or take a look through some of my folders: Showit Website Templates, my general Website Inspiration Board (websites I love that inspire me! with some of my own mixed in..) or for an example of Pinterest Inspiration Board take a look at my past client Aly’s board we made for her website project!

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