Resources You Need to Start Your Business, from a Web Designer.

I’ve done the research, I’ve build brands from the ground up (including my own), so I know a thing or two. Starting a business can be really difficult, time consuming, and all together draining. Here are some great tools and resources to hopefully make that journey just a bit easier. I use these tools on the DAILY to help manage clients, streamline my business, and these immensely helped me in getting my online business started!
Novo – For all your Business Banking needs.
Seriously, I am so glad I found Novo. When I got started I didn’t even realize how helpful having a separate bank for business related cost and funds was! Novo is a business banking platform with no hidden fees, no monthly fees, no ATM fees, free transfers and so much more! You even get a debit card. They also have a free invoicing platform so you can send your invoices to clients then straight to your bank account. It also integrates with Stripe, Quickbooks, Shopify, and more! (plus, get up to $100 when you start banking with Novo using my referral link!)

The very best website builder there is. Showit is unmatched in that it allows for complete customizability in your website. The editing software is fully drag-and-drop so you can change anything, add anything, and create anything (and you don’t even have to be techy!). There are so many options for templates that you can really make you own, check out my collection of templates ;) or sign up for a custom website! (get a free month of Showit hosting with my link!)

There are a lot of organizational platforms out there, I use Honeybook! I love that I can have everything client management related all in one place; lead management, contracts, proposals, questionnaires, payments, and more! (get 20% off with my link!)

The BEST email marketing platform out there. Period. Create stunning emails, grow your email list, manage automations and groups, create forms, beautiful sign-up pop ups, and they even recently unveiled a checkout service so you can also use Flodesk to sell digital products and courses.
Planoly is a social media planning and scheduling platform. This one is seriously a life saver for me. You can post, schedule ahead, play with layouts of your Instagram grid. Planoly is a must for batching and scheduling social media posts.
Thrivecart is my favorite option for selling your digital products on your website. It is a lifetime account and it so easily integrates with Showit that you can create beautiful shop pages and easily integrate your custom checkout page.
Kajabi or Teachable
Kajabi and Teachable are online course platforms I see people have the most success with. Both are easy to use, set up, and easily integrate with your website!
Moyo Studio
Moyo Studio creates absolutely beautiful stock photos, scene creators, and design mockups. I use their desktop & laptop scene creators for all my website project highlights.
You got banking, organization, website, email marketing, courses, social media scheduling, stock photos, and checkout platform! Got questions on one of these or another resource?? Let me know.. chances are i’ve probably tried it!

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