Keep people hooked past your homepage

October 5, 2022

Keeping website visitors hooked on your site past just the homepage is important for a few reasons…

One.. it means more interest in your content and your brand. This translates to more business leads, which means more sales and more bookings.
Two.. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. The longer someone spends on your website, the more pages they visit and links they click tells Google you are a legit business that people want to visit. This boosts your search engine results, meaning Google is more likely to link your site and link it higher up in search results. Which then funnels back to number one, more reach for your business means more leads & more bookings!

So, how do you keep people interested in your website, your business, and interested in you beyond just your homepage?

  1. Call to actions! And no, not just one and not just a single “book now”. Having engaging call to actions throughout your homepage & the rest of your website keep visitors engaged and serve to inspire them to action! Whether that is being directed to a new page, to learn more about you, to read your blog, or to book a consultation.
    Some great CTA’s to try that are a little more engaging/exciting: Let’s work together!, Let’s make magic, Time to level up, Create your dream brand, etc.. try to make it specific to your business and services!
  2. Copywriting! Having stand-out engaging copywriting that captivates your audience’s attention, and speak directly to them. Every word has a purpose to strategically inspire them to book with you. This can be done by either working with a copywriter or I take my website clients through copywriting templates and questionnaire to get that irresistible copy and brand voice!
  3. Brand photos that make you and your brand POP-OFF! Brand photos are so essential to not just having an incredible website but an engaging, interesting, and legit looking brand!
  4. An engaging, well-design website! If you want people to actually STAY on your website well, you need to have a great website! A website designed with strategy, all infused with you unique personality is a GAMECHANGER!

Looking to upgrade your homepage to increase bookings, engagement, and SEO – Lets work together! (see what I did there?)

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