3 Ways to Better Your Website in an Hour

February 28, 2023

Is you website not converting clients? Are you seeing low engagement? People leaving your website instead of scrolling? Are you not seeing the leads you want? Here are 3 ways you can better your website so that you can boost engagement, convert more clients, and secure your leads! When it comes to your website you have about 3 seconds to convince visitors to stay and keep scrolling. That’s a hell of a first impression…

In those 3 seconds you must tell visitors exactly who you are, what you do, how you solve their problem, and how they can work with you. If your website is not able to immediately communicate that in a clear, simplified way people are going to leave. When it comes to your website and online marketing you are in a race to communicate these both the fastest and the clearest.

As unfortunate as it is, people don’t buy the best products they buy what they are able to understand the fastest. They buy what they most easily understand will help them solve their problems. It is your website’s job to do just that.

1. Your Hero⠀⠀

One of the most important places this happens is your Hero, or your website’s header. This is the first thing people see when they open your website and serves as the biggest the first impression, so you want to make sure you use that space to hit all the points and impress.

What you header/hero needs to make a killer first impression and ensure visitors stay interested and keep interacting with your website:

  • What you do
    • Keep. It. Simple. Like you are explaining it to a 5th grader or someone who has never heard of you, your services, or what you offer.
    • You will have more time to explain this more in-depth later but give the basics.
  • Who you serve
    • Who are you ideal clients? Is there someone who services help the most?
  • How you solve their problems
    • How do you make your client’s lives better? What results do you offer? Do you clients leave better than they came to you?
    • Don’t assume people know how you are going to help, or the results you offer – TELL THEM!
  • How they can work with or buy from you
    • Be sure to include a Call to Action or button that tells people the next steps to take – are they buying something? Booking a call? Scheduling an appointment?

2. Talk About Your Customer’s Problems

Talk about the problems your clients are facing – this shows both that you understand them and that you are their solution.

Be clear about the problem’s their facing, this can be just repeating their problems back to them, highlighting what they may be facing, and how these problems are creating more problems.

Show that you understand your clients problems, that you’ve seen them before, then let them know how you solve them. The results they will see. The ways in which their lives will be better after they work with you. People buy solutions to their problems and if you can clearly communicate that you both understand those problems and solve them that make you a no-brainer solution for your clients.

Ask yourself:

  • What problems do my clients face?
  • How do I solve them?
  • What results do my clients see after working with me?

3. Be the Guide

When people read story-style communication they naturally put themselves in that story. And even though you may feel like it, you are not the main character in your brand story. Your clients are. You are the guide. You are the Yoda to their Luke Skywalker, the Haymitch to their Katniss, the Gandalf to their Frodo – you get it.

You are the one with the knowledge, expertise, and know-how to solve their problems, get them to the next level, and to further them on their journey.

How to do this: focus on their journey (not yours), talk about the results they’ll see, where they are now and where you can help take them. Utilize testimonials that mention how you helped them, where they were and where they are now, and the results they saw because of you!

Working these 3 things into your website will immediately help to boost engagement, conversion rates, and lead conversion! Have questions? Send me a message or take a look at my Instagram series for more info!

Ready to take your business to the next level with a website that takes these strategies and more to make sure you stand-out, attract and convert clients? Explore my design services or contact me!

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