What to do if you feel stuck in a creative rut?

October 7, 2022

We’ve all been there… If you are catching yourself feeling frustrated, bored, low motivation, maybe a little down, you may be stuck in a creative rut.

Whatever you are feeling stuck in whether it be designing, creating content, coming up with new ideas for your business, creating new offers or services, writing blog posts, coming up with course content, the list goes on and on… Here are a few tips to regain your creativity, gain some inspiration, and hopefully relieve some of those frustrations.

Here are a few ideas for getting out of a creative rut and getting your groove back.

The first step is always to realize and accept you are feeling stuck and allow yourself to feel this. Don’t punish or look down on yourself, be patient with you.

  • Get outside
    Whether it’s just a walk around your neighborhood, going to a park, a hike, or even just walking down to block to grab a coffee; I find getting some fresh air and being in nature can really help clear your mind and release pent up energy!

  • Take a nap!
    Creative blocks can so often be linked to burnout, fatigue, or overusing your brain! Relax, take some time for yourself, taking a rest can be a great way to get some energy back!

  • Get Inspired
    Browse Pinterest, take a look through some editorial or old magazines, check out some art at a museum or online, listen to music.. look to find some inspiration or spark somewhere new!

  • Connect with a friend
    Chat with a good friend! Don’t feel pressured to talk about work, business, etc. just talk! Bonus for a friend who is in the same entrepreneurial space, just because they can tend to offer more understanding even if you don’t talk shop.

  • Speak with a Coach or Mentor
    Connecting with a coach or mentor can really help with your perspective, offer new ideas, or just offer some guidance, advice, or reassurance.

  • Take a break!
    Just take a break – turn on the TV, read a book, get a drink with a friend, scroll away on tik tok.. take a brain break! Let yourself relax and check out for a bit!

  • Switch it up!
    Maybe your routine, designs, brand, website are feeling old and rigid.. going through a branding redesign/refresh or securing a fresh new website can help jumpstart your brand and really get those creative juices flowing again.

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