How to make your clients FALL IN LOVE with you through your website

February 28, 2023

Want to make your clients fall in love with you and your brand? Here are four ways to make that happen through your website..

1. Speak directly to your clients

Speaking directly to your dream clients in your website, your marketing, and well everything is SO important, it ensures they feel heard, seen, and connected with you. Write your website copy, your blog posts, your bios, and your posts as if you are speaking directly to your dream clients, use the words you hear your clients use, reference things they are interested in, talk about the problems they face..

2. Prioritize design

This is how you appeal to your client’s and your site visitors’ desire for aesthetics. You could have the most perfect, amazing copy, material, offers, and content but all that goes down the drain if it is poorly designed.
There are two ways to ensure you have great design: hire a web designer or buy a Showit website template and customize it!⠀⠀


3. Showcase Work & Testimonials!

Showcasing your excellent work, the transformations you have helped clients achieve, and any other work you have done is a surefire way to grab visitors attention and reel them in. Include raving reviews from your clients about how great it was to work with you and how much you help them + their business! Social proof and testimonials create a sense of trust in your business and show your clients exactly what you can do, making you irresistible.

4. Utilize the “nice-to-haves”

What do I mean by “nice-to-haves”?? I mean small touches or web pages that are nice to have! Such as.. an Instagram links page (a well designed links page that is, not a linktree or other 3rd party!), a resources page, a cute 404 error page, and nice shop (if you have products), things of that nature that make your clients think “oh, that is nice!”.

Want to have a website that makes your clients FALL IN LOVE.. but just don’t know where to start? Let’s work together and build a website you AND your clients will love!

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